Social Media Tools For E-commerce Success

There are always many people who either goes along with or against social media in terms of its impact on businesses. Some may consider Web 2.0 or the social media purely hyped up while others see it as essential in terms of e-commerce success. But there are certain tools in social media that can truly drive e-commerce in the direction that only smells of success. Here are some of them.

Customer Reviews

Reading online product reviews have become a major factor in influencing both the retailer and the customer. Customer reviews online can provide other potential customers with a more credible assessment of products that they can rely on. On the other hand, customer reviews can also provide online merchants with a means to better understand their customers and what they want as well as how to improve their products.

Shopping Widgets

Shopping widgets may help e-commerce sites spread word about the products that they sell even further. Widgets are small pieces of portable content that can be placed just about anywhere on the Internet. Shopping widgets usually have their own GUI or graphic user interface displaying product and other information. It can provide an interactive experience for potential customers and reach a larger audience as the widgets can be placed on affiliate sites, social networks and more.

Facebook Pages

Setting up a Facebook Page can be relatively easy but can provide many advantages for an e-commerce site. A Facebook Page can be a way for businesses to build up their brand for a relatively low cost. The Page can also be used to help companies reach out and interact with their customers and vice versa. The popularity of Facebook itself makes this tool quite valuable for those who wish to achieve further e-commerce success.


Twitter is quite valuable for people and companies doing business online may be due to the fact that it provides real time information to people who use it. Companies can find out what their customers say about them in real time. They can also respond faster to customers through Twitter since it is quite easy and simple to use. And as more and more people go to Twitter, its value among people engaging in e-commerce becomes higher and higher.

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