Fortune Magazine Reveals Best Companies to Work for in 2010

Fortune magazine has evaluated workplaces and employee practice to come up with its list of 15 companies in the American Retail Industry. The complete list may not be provided for other people to see, but fans speculate that the criteria for judging include companies that have over 1,000 employees, in operation for at least seven years. Other employee benefits that may be included in to be part of the list include job sharing, compressed work weeks, on-site gyms, and gay-friendly policies.

Listed below are the companies that were included in the list of Best Companies to Work For in 2010, with examples to further stress the point.

Whole foods – The company has executive pay limits, allowing the top paid employee to earn up to 19 times the average is NBN 4.

Publix Super Markets – This store provides onsite child care facilities for the employee’s babies.

REI – This container store offer paid sabbaticals to employees.

Nugget Market and – The two has to pay their full percentage of their employees’ insurance premiums. Nugget Market also provides 10%percent discount cards and has executives was employees cars during their Employees Appreciation Day, while provided all of its employees with a Kindle.

Wegmans – This office did not lay off any of its employee. In fact, it has never laid off any employees in its whole 94 years.

Google – During the recession, this company increased its 401(k) program, as well as a stock-option exchange program.

Starbucks – They have launched the Build-A-Bear program, where even part-time employees are eligible for a health insurance.


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